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WAP Bets have teamed up with Amanda Davies, a former stable girl for one of the top leading yards in the UK. Amanda has been out of the Horse game for several years and is eyeing up a return to the sport of kings Queens... but this time round she will be faced with a new task at hand..

Amanda will be taking the reins and dipping her toe into the world of tipping, a world that can completely change your mood within a matter of minutes! that being said the rewards that come with it are next to none, if you are a well-founded Tipster or even just starting up; once you have gained the trust of your customers you'll be in for one hell of a ride!
It's a big change for Amanda, the former stable girl use to ride out with the horses for a leading yard - Several years on and dabbling with a few other career options she is using all those contacts she equipped previously now to good affect to help her make a living once again involved in the sport she loves.
Here's what she has to say..
"I've been doing this for a year now but was introduced to a fellow girl doing well in the industry - Rosie at WAP Bets who suggested I started sending my bets in for them to see. I was delighted to hear her say she started following them herself as well after a few weeks of seeing my selections.
So my daily BEST Tip - or NAP as it is often referred to has been sent to Rosie every day since mid October resulting in WAP offering me a oppurtunity which I am very thankful for"
"The fact is that there are people out there who are actually in the know, I'm talking about horse racing experts, individuals who dedicate their lives and thousands of pounds to the sport they love and know best.

They place great value on their knowledge and generally keep it very close to their chest. However, in my time working in the industry I can tell you these little whispers soon get around the yards it's just knowing whether the information is genuine or not.

The contacts Iv'e equipped over the years have mostly just sat in my phonebook as when acquiring these contacts we just exchanged numbers as friends back when I had no interest in betting, now times have changed and I'm in regular contact with just a handful of contacts that provide me with more in-depth information that the bookmakers don't have access to."
Be Apart Of This Revolution In The Betting Industry 
She has put together 5 reasons why you should consider 'Race Revolution' as your next betting venture.
NO excessive betting, "limited to just ONE selection a day."

Cheap and cheerful, "adding this service to your portfolio will not break the bank."

Years of experience, "from the 'quiet' stable girl who always kept an ear out whilst working alongside top leading UK Trainers."

Cancel anytime, "not for you? no need to worry you can cancel your subscription anytime."

Quick, easy and simple to follow, "no fancy staking plan; you will receive a message from me via Email on the day of the event. WAP have informed me I will also have my own Telegram group that selections will also be posted to!"
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"Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this excellent site WAP Bets have put together, this is an exciting venture for me and I can't wait to start this new chapter of my life


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